Blog Post One

Blog Post One: Digital Presence

            Having read the articles and set up my site, I guess it’s a good idea to make a blog post.  This blog post is going to be about digital presence. Some readers may look at this title and wonder “what the heck is a digital presence?” and continue to google it and find information, which is fine, but I can explain what it means in this article. For many, a digital presence is the key to connecting their customers with their business. For others, a digital presence may just be what pops up when they put their name into the google search bar. The second meaning is what I’ll be talking about. When I google my name, Jack Knecht, there’s a lot of different search results that pop up. The first result is for some Jack Knecht in Los Angeles, California, who owns a company called J.K. Financials, and obviously that isn’t me. Another result is some kid in Zionsville, Indiana who plays football, that is also not me. There are many other results, but I figured if I want to narrow it down to me, I might as well put my real, legal, name, John F Knecht Jr. When I look that up, the first result is one of those people find website results which I find rather creepy, but it is correct about me, which makes sense if you consider public knowledge and legal documents or anything with my name and or where I live online.  There are also many other John Knecht’s such as a doctor in North Dakota, a John Knecht in South Dakota, and even obituaries about John Knecht’s that have died in the 1800s and 1900s. While I may or may not be related to said John and Jack Knecht’s, it’s cool to see that there are other people with the same last name as mine because I’ve never actually met anyone outside of my family with the last name Knecht, and if I’m correct, in German, the name Knecht translates to something along the lines of servant and I’ve heard about people with last names such as HouseKnecht, which translates to house servant, as well as other something-knecht people. The results don’t really reflect that much about me, or my website and I hope that by creating this website, that hopefully my digital presence will somewhat be changed but I really don’t know. I’m not sure how my presence is perceived by others, I mean it’s not like there are people all day looking up my name and trying to find information about me.

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