Blog Post Two

            Digital literacies can affect research as well as scholarship in many ways. It is obviously very important to consider the four literacies (ethics, privacy copyright, and licenses) when doing research and work on a topic. It is important to have a very nice “Netiquette” per se. When doing research, it is a good rule of thumb to consider the way you carry out posting and writing research. It is important to remember that just like you, the people that you are doing research on are just normal human beings, just like the rest of us, and they deserve to be respected just the same way that we expect others to respect us on the internet. Remember that it is important to be kind and courteous to others online and that being rude or dragging someone’s name through information that is false isn’t a good thing. Remember as well that people want privacy. Don’t just go about doxing other people’s information if you haven’t been given permission to. Another thing to consider is if you’re directly emailing someone to be respectful and not downright rude to the person just because you two may be the only two people to see this stream of communication. Another good rule of thumb is to not abuse the power that you may have about a topic; let others find out the information on their own. It is also important to share new information that you discover with the community of information. I would say that I was surprised about a few things from the readings. Also, when finding information, make sure that the source you find your information from has said it is okay to republish their information. I would say that it’s good to preserve data from the past as well as it’s good to present new findings in the information given from the past. Before beginning a digital humanities project, I would say that it’s important to consider how much work has already been done about the topic that you’re considering doing more research on. Is there already enough research on the whole topic? Is a certain detail confusing the general readers of the community? Should you challenge the data found and see if you can find different results? These are all good questions to consider before staring research about a topic. Overall, it is important to consider many factors when preparing to do research, there are also many factors to consider in the literacies of ethics, privacy, copyright, and licenses.

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