History 390 Self Assessment/Evaluation

This semester has definitely been an interesting semester I will say that much. I learned a lot of new techniques for finding data, as well as many other things. This class has definitely been a different class from my usual course load. I honestly didn’t even know that I could create my own website so I find it pretty cool that I can do that as well as that the website could be named after myself. I especially liked the one section about online presence because I didn’t know that a lot of my data could be publicly viewed. I thought it was very cool to find out that there are a bunch of other people that share the same name as me. It was a little creepy to find out that my exact address and related information such as phone numbers, family members, etc., could be found with a few searches on the internet, but It’s the internet, you can find out practically anything about anyone.  I also did like the part about organizing data into a tidy data sheet, like the excel spreadsheet thing that we did for one of our assignments, it was fun to organize data into a spreadsheet from a primary source. I also found out about different ways to research for resources in projects. I was unfamiliar with different databases and websites that can help with finding resources so it was cool to find databases that can even contain primary resources from the time period, I thought that was crazy. I liked the parts about evaluating artifacts and papers from the past as well, it was fun to look over the papers that one class, when we analyzed the papers from the collapse of the Capital, it was fun to compare and find out things about people from different sources and put data all together to find out all about a person such as where they lived, their positions in government, etc. I also liked learning about timeline.js and figuring out how to make a digital timeline for projects, that was a fun thing to learn about. I also thought it was cool to learn about zip files and how to make data compressed and or decompress data, while keeping it neat and tidy.  Even though I’m currently undecided on my major, I think that all of the different techniques and resources we’ve learned about from class should be able to help me in the future with whatever future endeavors I may have.  

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